5 Reasons Why You Should Not Start Home Base Online Business

Not Willing To Change
If you are a person who is very resistance to changes, then online business is not for you. This is because online business requires one to constantly change with time and the internet world. Therefore, if you are not willing to change often, online business is not your business model.Online Business Is A Lonely Business
Most of the online entrepreneurs are very lonely most of the time while running their business. You will not have the office environment where people come and sit near your table for a quick chat. Yes, you could use web cam or email, but again you are only looking at the screen. There is no real person besides you. If you are looking for an office environment, then brick and mortar businesses could be more suitable for you.Facing The Computer Screen For Hours
If you are the type of person who does not like to face a PC screen for hours, then other careers may suit you better rather then being an online entrepreneur. Once you are in online business, you must be willing to face the PC for hours promoting your business, updating your sites and many other online business related issues.Unable To Motivate Yourself
If you are a person who need constant motivation and guides to performing a task, then you seriously should not start a home base online business. Many home base online entrepreneurs are motivated by themselves who are eager for success and normally not by a third person directly. If you find yourself is the type who needs a boss to guide, then you better get a day job.Competition From All Over World
Depending on your online business model, some business model will have competitors from any where in the world. As an online entrepreneur, you must be ready to compete with all the competitors, and give your best product or service to the customers. If you are not ready for competition which grows by the day in the internet, then online business is not for you.